Step 1. Money Management – Stage 1: Cashflow Protection & Budgeting

January 30, 2007

Money management, I feel it is the basic foundation to all wealth creation strategies, it must be easily repeatable and built upon solid principals. I will break money management down into 3 stages that will hopefully lay solid groundwork for future investing. Each stage will have it’s own post.

The first stage of money management as I see it are CASHFLOW PROTECTION & BUDGETING. If you don’t have sufficient and regular cashflow it’s a pretty hard slog in today’s society, also if you don’t plan your future cashflow’s you’ll inevitably find yourself short or at the very least to unable pay some large bill that you hadn’t accounted for previously.

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My Basic Wealth Creation Strategy

January 28, 2007

I have contemplated for some time how to provide a basic roadmap for wealth creation which mirrors my own strategy. I feel that the following is my best attempt at how to provide a consistent top level structure to wealth creation which can be repeated by anyone and which closely follows how I view and approach wealth creation.

As a primer to the following 4 steps.

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