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I’ve gone through much of the “material” written up on this website which is supposedly aimed at providing investors with knowledge on proper share/managed fund investing techniques.

I’ve come to the conclusion that much of the material presented is, to take a phrase from John Bogle, “… financial pornography” indeed they use provocative and seductive headlines like … “$1000 to $1,000,000” it’s all very slick and utterly convincing.

However as I kept reading, I noticed over and over again how many of the stories/articles wound up somehow directly or indirectly promoting one of their “how-to investment” services.

In fact many of the articles were basically advertisements for these services which may or may not be any good, I’ve never tried them, but to try and pass off these articles as “information” as opposed to “informercials” is plainly wrong in my book, perhaps even misleading or fraudulant conduct.

My overall thoughts on, it’s a site promoting itself as a place for financial education but is in actuality a front to lure would-be customers into using their “investment” services.

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3 Responses to My take on

  1. MoneyMan says:

    I actually like the fool’s take on investing most of the time. Of course they want to get you to subscribe to their products because that’s how they stay in business. Their strategy is very value-friendly, and I think you could do worse than reading the stuff the fool puts out (for example you could do worse by only reading robert kiyosaki’s column on yahoo finance).

  2. BigBuddha says:

    Hello Moneyman,

    Yeah I agree, does have some interesting stuff from time to time, but all to often they “create” articles which are just plain promotions for their “investment” advice products, that’s probably my biggest issue, disguising a “sales pitch” with the veneer of “investment information”.

    True, i’d value reading over kiyosaki’s column, although he does have one very good point that he made back in the 80s, passive cashflow is very very important, it allows you to choose whether you work or not.

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