My Basic Wealth Creation Strategy

I have contemplated for some time how to provide a basic roadmap for wealth creation which mirrors my own strategy. I feel that the following is my best attempt at how to provide a consistent top level structure to wealth creation which can be repeated by anyone and which closely follows how I view and approach wealth creation.

As a primer to the following 4 steps.

I will say right here and now that it is my belief that you can only truly be considered wealthy when you are in a position to work only when you want to work. This can only be the situation where your “ASSETS” are producing sufficient cashflow income to sustain the lifestyle that you want.

Therefore the main objective to my style of wealth creation is to attain “ASSETS” which produce enough income and growth to sustain my lifestyle indefinitely.

I will expand upon and explain each step in more detail in following posts.


  • STAGE 1 – Cash Flow Protection and Budgeting
  • STAGE 2 – Personal Debt Elimination
  • STAGE 3 – Personal Insurances – Death, TPD, Trauma, Income Protection


  • STAGE 1 – Who Owns the Asset?
  • STAGE 2 – Are the Assets protected from in the event of litigation against you or your death
  • STAGE 3 – Is You Asset Ownership Structure minimising your taxes and risk


  • STAGE 1 – Where and How I Should Invest, is GEARING an option?
  • STAGE 2 – Are Regular Saving’s Plans (RSP) worth it? How do I go about it?
  • STAGE 3 – Growth Vs Income? A combination is usually the key.

Step 4. How to Fund Your Retirement

  • STAGE 1 – Am I Saving enough for my retirement, what retirement investment vehicle should I use?
  • STAGE 2 – How much will I have when I do retire?
  • STAGE 3 – How much will I need to retire on, call I retire early? Do I even have a choice?

OK, thats a broad outline of my wealth creation strategy, a step by step approach that is simple and I believe universal, especially in todays environment. I think it is important to always start at step 1 when looking at or reviewing your wealth creation.

You may feel that you can skip a step or start at a step other than 1, but I feel that is imperative to always start at 1 and at least review your situation in relation to each step, because if you are lacking in one step you shouldn’t move on to the next as eventually things will inevitably get out of whack, which can spell financial disaster if not now then in the future, even if thats 40 years down the track when your looking down the barrel of funding your retirement for the next 30+ years.

Laughing BuddhaBigBuddha – Financial knowledge is the key to Financial Prosperity


One Response to My Basic Wealth Creation Strategy

  1. Peter Davis says:

    Hi Big Budda,

    I totally agree with your comment – “you are only wealthy when you are in a position to work when you want to work” – I was reading a book by Richard Branson and he was outlining the same thing. I am definitely aiming to achieve my financial freedom so that I can do exactly that.

    Anyway I got the book for free from this new website, Wealth Creation Professionals. There are other cool stuff too from the likes of Anthony Robbins and Brad Sugars but Richard was my favourite. He has helped me get in the mindset that I need to move positively and change my financial future. Anyway here is the link. – the free gifts are at the middle of the page.


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